2nd TPM: University of León, Spain

The second transnational meeting of InnoDairyEdu was successfullycompleted in the University of León (ULe, Spain) on the 13th and 14th of June 2019, with all partners attending (15 people).
During the meeting, the Quality Assurance (QA) Manual and forms prepared by the QA team were approved, the results of the activities developed so far were analyzed (output 1 -study of the needs of the participating universities in relation to the science and technology of milk and milk products by students, graduates, professors and professionals, led by the ULe). In addition, progress has been made in the forthcoming activities to be developed by all participating universities, in particular, in the output 2 (development of innovative digital education/training material for students and professionals in the dairy sector). Also the dissemination plan, and pre-planning of output 3 (platform) and 4 (innodairyedu in connection to dairy industry) were discussed. Finally, Project Management issues were presented.
The participants visited the premises of the Veterinary Faculty and the Institute of Food Sci. and Technology of ULe (Campus de Vegazana, León). Also, they visited Industrias Lácteas San Vicente (León), a medium size cheese industry which produces several types of cheeses representative of the region of Castilla and León and of Spain (Castellano and Iberico).