InnoDairyEdu platform is based on the latest technologies for OER distribution and utilization, interaction between course participants and customized training paths provision. The main innovation aspects of the platform include the following:

  • Different levels of user participation, i.e. sequential or modular. The participants can decide to enroll to entire MOOC course or, decide to learn a single or groups of OER Learning Modules.
  • Support for personalized learning paths and assessment
  • Support for social networking and interaction between participants
  • Community supported learning where¬† learners can also diffuse their knowledge to others
  • Educational Videos.
  • Quizzes. Course will include quizzes that will be able to be used to count the total score of the learners
  • Online literature will be available on each course.
  • Presentations should contain useful additional material (e.g. presentation slides, springs, files Zip, resources)
  • Mobile device support will provided. The web interface will be designed to allow this to be relatively easily incorporated and will include image descriptions for alt text screen readers, video captioning and transcripts for video and audio content.
  • Accessibility for users with disabilities (WCAG 2.0) will be ensured. The platform to be developed is expected to meet accessibility standards. All video content will contain video captions and transcripts. Various tools can be used for this purpose, for example 3playmedia, where the finished video clips can be uploaded and captions and transcripts to be added easily.



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