IO1: Training Needs Analysis (completed)

By this output it is aimed to evaluate the training needs in Dairy Science in the Food Science/Technology Study Programmes in European Higher Education Organizations of the countries participating, in order to ensure that EU labor has the skills and knowledge to face the dairy sector market. It includes a curriculum assessment that will analyze specific training needs (skills/competences) on dairy science, to the students, tutors and dairy industry.

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IO2: Innovative Training Material Development (completed)

Innovative education training material (including case studies) will be developed by the partner Universities following an assignment of tasks per each partner based on their scientific expertise.  The material content will be decided following the completion of O1 where the new proposed Dairy Science curricula, based on the conclusions drawn following the assessment of the current situation in the dairy science education. The innovation of this Output focuses on the methodological approach of developing an up to date training material for Dairy Science, and additionally on the fact that the material will be digitalized in order to be easier accessible. The high level of expertise and the combination of different specific dairy science field’s backgrounds will assure high quality material for students and dairy science professionals.  The Pedagogical tools to be used for developing the material such as brainstorming, class questions, quizzes etc will assist the creation of a training material with high impact on dairy science students and dairy science professionals.

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IO3: ICTs and OEPs – Material digitalization & e-platform development and function (completed)

Each partner, in relation of the shared syllabus, is in charge to create OER learning modules that, at the end, will compose a MOOC. The MOOC will be supported by the InnoDairyEdu -platform which will be based on latest technologies for OER distribution and utilization, interaction between course participants and customized training paths provision. The added value of this Intellectual Output is that the platform environment, in all its constituting parts (OER development process, platform functions and user feedback), will be transferable and adaptable to similar contexts and objects that can be developed for similar courses in other domains. Data stored in the proposed platform (e.g. such as original OER, community contributions, and user profiles) will be effortlessly able to be exported and transferred to other platforms if needed.

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IO4: InnoDairyEdu in connection to Dairy Industry (completed)

The scope of the present output is to share InnoDairyEdu material and also best practice entrepreneurial approaches with Dairy Industry, aiming at stimulating potential, emerging and established entrepreneurs to drive innovation, academia-industry collaboration and economic growth in the dairy industry. By analyzing best practices and new trends in  the project’s member states it aims at bringing together actors from the addressed research and innovation spectrum and the dairy industrial business ecosystem more closely. To be in a position to compare practices and to identify the best ones to apply, case studies will be presented and discussed step-by-step enabling the identification and capitalization on opportunities. The present output aims at 5 core pillars: a) the development of entrepreneurship principles and entrepreneurial skills; b) Training on Technology and knowledge Transfer to business; c) establish the need and importance of a culture of Innovation and the development of entrepreneurial and competitive strategies, d) highlight the importance of business plans in the dairy industry and; e) Promote ways, mechanisms and importance of networking and collaboration.