Under the scope of LTTA, three (3) types of activities will take place:

1. Intensive program for teaching staff  – this will be a train the trainers session focused on the material developed and in order initially to familiarize tutors with what has been developed but also to receive their constructive comments after putting hands in job, as to improve the material. This event will take place virtually through the platform.

2. Teaching Activity of higher education students – each HI partner will organize a teaching activity in their organization that will aim to present the material to the students that at the time are having a dairy science module. This will initially give them the opportunity to expand knowledge but at the same time will assist the partnership to improve the material, based on the students’ constructive comments

3. Intensive Learning Program – the specific event will be performed using the final material and it will be intended for students attending or attended Dairy Science module, post graduate students in a relevant field and alumni that preferably will be professionals in the Dairy sector. This activity may act as a main dissemination tool, but also can give the partnership indications for sustainability purposes. The Intensive Learning Program will take place at the campus of University of Parma.

The added value of the specific activities could be summarized to the following:

  • Standardization of the material use by tutors
  • Realization of the training in real time with students, in order to assess feasibility and efficiency
  • Evaluation of the material by tutors and students and immediate improvement