Transnational projects promote interconnectivity between people. In the case of the Erasmus+ they complement ideas and approaches in education and/or in research programmes, they promote innovation and they have a European added value. InnoDairyEdu as an EU project of the ERASMUS+ family enhances this concept. Overall, opportunities, challenges and training gaps in Dairy Science may vary from country to country and therefore it is considered crucial to develop the proposed project in a transnational environment, with view to exploring as much as possible. The diversity of the partnership based on its origin creates opportunities and develop equal potentials for providing a harmonious and balanced coexistence and progress.

More specifically, during the course of the project 5 Transnational Project Meetings (TPM) will take place. TPMs will be organized for project implementation and coordination purposes. The main goal of the TPM will be to plan ahead, monitor the progress and resolve technical/financial issues.

1st Transnational Project Meeting (TPM): Kick-Off Meeting

The kick off meeting of InnoDairyEdu was successfully completed in the University of Thessaly (TEI campus), in Larisa- Greece, on the 4th and 5th of December 2018. All partners participated in the KoM and also Hellenic Dairies representative as an associated project partner attended the meeting. The main goal of the Kick-off Meeting was that the project details to be thoroughly discussed in order for partners to reach a common understanding about its implementation specificities and also make sure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities, regarding the project. Additionally the synthesis of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) and Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) that is responsible for the internal evaluation was decided. Project Management issues and preparation for the initiation of the Intellectual Output 1 were thoroughly discussed among the partnership.

In parallel, the participants had the chance to visit the premises of the University of Thessaly at TEI campus in Larisa, visit various Dairy industries in the area and also to visit an Unesco World Heritage centre – Meteora that is located in Thessaly.

2nd TPM: University of León, Spain

The second transnational meeting of InnoDairyEdu was successfullycompleted in the University of León (ULe, Spain) on the 13th and 14th of June 2019, with all partners attending (15 people).
During the meeting, the Quality Assurance (QA) Manual and forms prepared by the QA team were approved, the results of the activities developed so far were analyzed (output 1 -study of the needs of the participating universities in relation to the science and technology of milk and milk products by students, graduates, professors and professionals, led by the ULe). In addition, progress has been made in the forthcoming activities to be developed by all participating universities, in particular, in the output 2 (development of innovative digital education/training material for students and professionals in the dairy sector). Also the dissemination plan, and pre-planning of output 3 (platform) and 4 (innodairyedu in connection to dairy industry) were discussed. Finally, Project Management issues were presented.

The participants visited the premises of the Veterinary Faculty and the Institute of Food Sci. and Technology of ULe (Campus de Vegazana, León). Also, they visited Industrias Lácteas San Vicente (León), a medium size cheese industry which produces several types of cheeses representative of the region of Castilla and León and of Spain (Castellano and Iberico).

3rd TPM: Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus

The 3 rd Transnational meeting was successfully completed at the Cyprus University of
Technology, Cyprus between the 28-29 th of November. The meeting was attended by
representatives from all partners. The project’s progress was evaluated and future steps (i.e.
Year 2 of the project) were planned and decided. More specifically the IO2 (training topics
and subjects, case studies) was presented and discussed with regards to content, format and
specifications. The learning platform’s (IO3) specifications and overall design was also
discussed and agreed during the meeting. Finally the IO4 (Dairy Industry) requirements were
presented and discussed. Issues regarding the Quality Assurance Team and the Project
Management Team were raised and discussed.
The participants had the chance to visit a local sheep and goat farm and dairy factory making
traditional Halloumi cheese, a carob syrup workshop and a donkey farm “Golden Donkeys
Farm” were donkey milk products are produced and are available for sale at the farm shop.

4th TPM

will take place in Italy at the end of the 2nd year of the project.  The main goal will be to discuss the development of the project, to resolve any technical and/or financial issues  that will come up, to plan the activities for the final year and adjust as required and finally to prepare the 2nd year’s Interim Report.

5th TPM (Final Meeting)

will take place in Poland just before the end of the project. The goals of the meeting will be to discuss the overall development of the project as we will aim for the closure, to resolve technical and/or financial issues and to prepare the final project report.