How to use the platform

The platform consists of 6 Courses, Learning/ Laboratory Manuals and a Forum.

In order to run a course, please remember to enroll in each of them.

Courses 1-4: These are the core educational courses that consist of 4 Training subjects each, including several topics developed in the form of presentations and practical guides (Lab Manuals). Each of these courses is accompanied by a detailed Learning Manual, giving info on the material included, time allocation, ECTS etc. Additionally, in each of these Courses, you could find extensive Multimedia Resources (developed by the project and/or outsourced), Assessments in order to validate the knowledge acquired and References that were used to develop the material and for further reading.

Course No 5 is dedicated in combing all previous Courses in the form of interactive case studies

Course No 6 refers to the connection of Academia with the Dairy Industry, presenting innovative tools for skills and knowledge sharing.

Enjoy your stay in InnoDairyEdu MOOC!

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